* Some sprinkler heads will show signs of wear and tear over time and need replacing to save you money on your water bill.

* Urban Sprinkler LLC can run through your system for a fee and give you input on what your system needs to give your wallet a boost and save more water

* Without proper winterizing some sprinkler heads will fill with water during the winter causing a split in the casing after freezing. Without replacement, brown spots will occur in the grass and water loss will cause a higher water bill.

* Leaks in drip lines hide under mulch. Emitters pop off during sprinkler winterization leaving punctures along the way. Animals can also cause punctures in the lines as they search for water. Proper repairs will save you money that you didn't even know you were losing along with giving those much deserved plants the water they have been thriving for.

Hourly Rate: $87 plus parts
Diagnostic fee to run through the system: $75 per hour