What are your business hours?

Mon - Fri: 7AM - 5PM
Sat - Sun: Closed

What is your mailing address?

For billing please send payments to:

Urban Sprinkler LLC
1540 Main Street, Unit 218
Windsor, CO, 80550

What type of payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major forms of credit cards, cash and check. We also allow for payment online. We send invoices through a secure service that QuickBooks offers. Through there, you can with ACH transfers, credit or debit cards and checking accounts.

What is your policy on warranties?

We only warranty parts that we install and the parts have to come off of our trucks or vans. We cannot use parts that you may have at your home, even if requested. Sorry, this will void the warranty and it's against our polices. We warranty the parts for 1 year. The labor, however, cannot be warrantied and must be paid for at time of service.

Why do your prices vary so much?

We offer so many personalized services when it comes to sprinkler repairs, diagnostics and even pressure washing. For those reasons we need to cover expenses like insurance, vehicle expenses and tools. We also, are very educated in our craft, we take pride in what we do and these prices match our services.

Do you have a 1 hour minimum fee?

Yes, we do have a 1 hour minimum fee. Depending on the service we provide we will let you know what that rate for the first hour will be.

Do you provide winterization of sprinklers?

We provide sprinkler blowouts or winterization of sprinklers for commercial properties only. Those can start as early as September depending on the weather.

Do you do sprinkler start-ups?

Yes, we do provide sprinkler start-ups but we require customers be home at the time of service if we need access to the basement or crawlspace.

What is your service area?

For commercial or muncipality jobs we cover all of Colorado and Cheyenne depending on the job needed. For residential jobs we can only cover Northern Colorado. If the location is more than 30 minutes away we cannot do the service if it is for a simple repair.

Why do you specialize in repairs and diagnostics?

For many years, it has been the standard that a company does landscaping and then has divisions that do repairs and maintenance and so on. Most companies that are that large focus on contracted customers and rarely do work for others that are not contracted with them. We fill the gap and assist those that need these services and do not want or need a contract. We are also so educated in our craft that we take pride in getting what needs done in a efficient manner with care that it gets done right, the first time.

Are you licensed & insured?

Yes we are!