Controller Repairs, Replacement & New Installs (as well as rain and wind sensors)

* Controller functions have been upgraded to a point of helping the consumer save money with watering more efficiently and making it easier to maintain healthy plants and a healthy lawn with less water in a timely manner

* They also have options for the people who want to control their controller from the comfort of their phone using WiFi capabilities

* When used with rain and/or wind sensors, controllers can be appropriately programmed to only be in use when it's absolutely necessary and turned off when not needed.

* Sensors are now wireless and talk with the controller making it easier to place the sensor where it is needed the most

* Whether you are in need of a new controller because of a burnt out screen or a bad transformer, Urban Sprinkler LLC can help

* We won't sell you what you don't need. We check bad modules to make sure we don't need to replace those first before replacing a whole controller.

Hourly Rate: $87 plus parts